RIP Michael Brooks

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Nearly a month ago now, we lost one of the finest people the left has produced in some time. Michael Brooks, the host of TMBS and co-host of The Majority Report passed away following a sudden medical condition (identified as a blood clot in the throat by Brooks’ sister, Lisha Brooks). His passing will leave a void in the broadcast left for likely some time to come- he was constantly working, constantly networking, and constantly representing something not many speak of – the “cool left”. He understood you need to have some actual mass appeal in order to get a message out there, and he was, in my opinion, a very “cool” guy (which is something that, upon delving into his archive of political discussions and writings you might not realize).

For me personally, I live in the midwest. Namely, Joplin, Missouri – and *whew-doggy!* it’s conservative country (not just Trump, every politician with an R next to their name for the past 50 years), and it’s not always easy to find like-minded individuals in the area. I was just getting into the Bernie campaign, after failing to give the man a shot in 2016, I felt I had owed it to him and myself to further my knowledge about the man and the presidential candidate: Bernard Sanders. I discovered a lot of progressive youtubers along my quest for information, including The Rational National w/ David Doel, The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder, and finally, The Michael Brooks Show. There’s no shortage of media personalities, be it independent or otherwise out there- Michael had a way of engaging his audience in a way that felt organic, like a conversation between two people or groups of people. I quickly began devouring his lectures and breakdowns, and loved the way he was able to tie it in with a comedic element- because paying attention to politics will drive you crazy if you can’t laugh every now and then. Coming back to this after work on an almost nightly basis was so relieving, and sometimes intoxicating to listen to the eloquent way Michael and the Crew would talk about things of substance, stuff that effects all, or most of all of us, then give it a Marxist perspective that never felt judgy, or better-than-thou, it was just some folks sitting around having the same kind of discussions I often found myself in with just the right friends. Often times I felt amazed at my own ignorance to certain subjects that they brought up, and everytime I watched I learned something new.

Michael was building, or consolidating if you will, the bloc of people on the left who truly believe in a more just politics, and a more equitable world for everyone in it. To say he will be missed is a YUUUGE understatement.