Hooo Yeah

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The cutest puppy EVER

Got the shower fixed… showers have never been better 🙂 Also gave our puppy some flea medication and de-worming pill. So I had to clean up Ramen noodle poop yesterday. If you’re ever wondering what roundworms look like in a dog… just picture Satan smiling through a pack of ramen noodles… omfg. All in all, it was a very good weekend spent with my family as usual :). I had a small amount of time to reflect on a recurring thought that I’ve been having lately: I want to work from home so I can devote more time to my youngest daughter, Adeline. I feel like she’s not getting the amount of one-on-one time that my wife and I should be giving her, and that just shreds my heart to pieces! I am going to pursue a position in which I can remote in/work from home with minimal visits to a corporate office.  I feel like that is the best way to get more time with Adeline and help her grow, and hey-maybe she can teach me some stuff too!

Oh, PS, if you drop your laptop while it’s on, you can almost guarantee hard drive failure. That is all.