It’s that day

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3lvat7hYet another reason to bang your head on the table, desk or whatever it is infront of you. Yes, my dearies, it is Monday again. The day in which reality drops on your head like a grand piano. You go back to work for the next 5 days, the children go back to their schools and the giant machine keeps pumping out smoke. A weekend just doesn’t feel like a weekend anymore. Yeah, sure, it’s a break from work. But really, it’s just a glorified excuse to do different work at a different place (mine is usually at home, catching up on various chores). Oh how I loathe being an adult. It seems like not so long ago I couldn’t wait to be all grown-up, and now I say fuck that. Being an adult is just a joke and an excuse for the government to collect money from you. Stay a child as long as you can!