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Well, it has been some time my friends, it has been some time. I am still doing the same ole same ole, working everyday and taking care of the fam at night. This morning was particularly eventful- Our shower’s hot water supply has been absolutely terrible for the past few months, you turn on hot and nothing but a few drips comes out. So this morning apparently the last straw wafted through the air ever so gracefully to land right on the camel’s back and I got my ass chewed for not having it fixed yet. No big deal, just have to tear some shit up and unscrew a few things. I just haven’t made it a priority up until this point. Seems to be a problem with me too, that I can’t seem to prioritize EVERYTHING that I have going on… I can with a good chunk of all the stuff I have to do, but I think when it comes to what I’d classify as a “semi-long term” project, prioritization is at the bottom of my considerations.

Anyway, work has been going fairly well, I’m enjoying my not-so-new-anymore office. Had to get a space heater though, because our thermostat is shared with about 20 other folks and their offices hold the heat fairly well- I’m right by a big window and I definitely get a draft. So, here I am now feeling this heater blowing on me and my GOD it wants so bad to put me to sleep! Almost every time I kick it on now, I just get so bleary-eyed and sleepy that I have to fight to keep my eyes open… *first world problems*

I had a wonderful Christmas/Birthday… I gifted my daughters and Wife a puppy, whose name is Arya. She’s half husky and half awesome! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a dog, and this one is already proving challenging but with a little time and patience, she’s going to be absolutely perfect. Also got a DeWalt Drill and Impact set which was my personal favorite gift! I even got to see a good friend of mine on Christmas Eve.

Well, that is all I have for right now. I will try to get on more often to update stuff. Speaking of, I kinda did a redesign, and it’s definitely a work in progress so probably something to get used to would be seeing something different every other time you come here 🙂