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RIP Michael Brooks

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Nearly a month ago now, we lost one of the finest people the left has produced in some time. Michael Brooks, the host of TMBS and co-host of The Majority Report passed away following a sudden medical condition (identified as a blood clot in the throat by Brooks’ sister, Lisha Brooks). His passing will leave a void in the broadcast… Read more »

Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE)

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So I totally need a better camera (This was shot with my Canon PowerShot SX530HS), but I was supremely delighted to see Neowise after the fact, and in such a bright area too, right outside of Joplin. For more (and probably much better quality) pictures of Comet NEOWISE, click here!

Audiosrv cannot be stopped (Windows Audio Service)

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What to do when you can’t stop a running service in Windows – specifically Windows Audio in this example.

Windows Services list

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Display Name ShortName ActiveX Installer (AxInstSV) AxInstSV Adaptive Brightness SensrSvc Application Experience AeLookupSvc Application Host Helper Service AppHostSvc Application Identity AppIDSvc Application Information Appinfo Application Layer Gateway Service ALG Application Management AppMgmt ASP.NET State Service aspnet_state Background Intelligent Transfer Service BITS Base Filtering Engine BFE BitLocker Drive Encryption Service BDESVC Block Level Backup Engine Service wbengine Bluetooth Support Service bthserv… Read more »

Bern baby, bern

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Not Me. US!

Back in 2016, I voted for Hillary Clinton. I was living in Columbus, Kansas at the time, and media being the way it is, I didn’t hear much, if any about Bernie Sanders. The most I did hear was from my brother-in-law, who, despite being someone I respect as being highly intelligent, couldn’t get through to me. Being caught up… Read more »

Jon Stewart on Rogan

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Joe Rogan Experience Podcast w/ Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart was on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast Friday, and jesus fucking christ, have we all needed him. Watch:

“Technology” Schmechnology

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Less of a news-oriented place; more than likely to be documentation of the things I do at my job, if I feel they may be helpful to others! Expect a lot of PowerShell snippets, possibly SCCM tutorials, and quite a lot more…


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Hello, and welcome to [iamkringle]! This site is mainly a self-serving article base for things that I find interesting. Hopefully others find some of this stuff interesting as well. Check out our different sections: General / Thoughts Technology / IT News Feeds Science Links / Further Reading I am back! I have had an enormous workload (at my day/night/anydamntimetheywant-job) as… Read more »